US will synchronize force-feeding Gitmo terrorists to Ramadan fast schedule

10 Jul

Creeping Sharia

Your tax dollars hard at work. via Islamic leaders urge Obama to stop force-feeding Gitmo detainees during Ramadan — RT News.


Last week a spokesperson for the American prison camp confirmed that the fast for Ramadan will be observed by synchronizing the force-feeding of Muslim inmates.

Navy Capt. Robert Durand “reassured” that the facility is sufficiently equipped to synchronize the force-feeding of inmates to the Ramadan fast schedule.

“We understand that observing the daytime fast and taking nothing by mouth or vein is an essential component of Muslim observance of Ramadan,” Durand stated.

“And for those detainees on hunger strike we will ensure that our preservation of life through enteral feeding does not violate the tenets of their faith,” he said adding that those detainees not currently on hunger strike would have their meals scheduled accordingly.

According to the Guantanamo spokesperson, the prison has already “laid in supplies of…

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