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Four Ways People Form Political Beliefs

12 Mar

Saving America

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #37: All of us inevitably form our own political beliefs. However, how often do we question and analyze why we’ve formed these beliefs? In this episode Patrick describes the Four Ways People Form Political Beliefs and the importance of having clarity in our political opinions.


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For Value, Entertainment and being a part of a Movement, tune in every week for Valuetainment Weekly with Patrick Bet-David.

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Peter Ruckman’s Refutation of James White’s 7 “Errors” In The KJV

12 Feb

Do Right Christians

The following are excerpts from the Bible Believers Bulletin in response to the so-called “7 Errors” that James White claimed he would debate with Peter Ruckman. The debate failed to occur as White would not concede to certain conditions for the debate that would not skew the timing among other issues in his favor. White published correspondence between himself and Dr. Ruckman, but did not publish Ruckman’s final response to him.
Dr. Ruckman wrote a book of @ 500 pages addressing James White’s errors titled “The Scholarship Only Controversy: Can You Trust The Professional Liars” in response to White’s “The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust The Modern Versions?”
[Copyright belongs to Bible Baptist Bookstore]
James White’s Seven Errors in the King James Bible – Error 1 By Dr. Peter S. RuckmanIn a recent publication by a member of the “Alexandrian Cult,” the author pointed out…

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Ramadan: The Month of Victory, Over Infidels (video)

10 Jul

US will synchronize force-feeding Gitmo terrorists to Ramadan fast schedule

10 Jul


31 May

Citizen Tom

Some people believe our country’s government was founded upon Christian belief. Others will say no. They say a bunch of Deists founded our government. If for no other reason than because of the sheer rarity of the type of society the Founders created, I would tend to fall in the former camp. However, we also have the simple fact the vast majority of people in the American colonies were Christians. So I think that with a little study we can show an indirect relationship between our Constitution and Christian beliefs.

So What Will This Series Do?

The Ten Commandment form the core of the Mosaic Law. So this study will focus on The Ten Commandments.

What are the Ten Commandments?

I suppose some will think this a boneheaded question, but consider how much we argue about religion and politics. For example, Wikipedia has an article about The Ten Commandments. Of course, the facts there are…

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6 Steps to Tight Abs by TJ Hoban

1 May

6 Steps to Tight Abs by TJ Hoban.


Are There Many Islams? Or Just One?

22 Jan

Are There Many Islams? Or Just One?